Traque 1.0.17

Old-school RPG for your Android device


  • Authentic


  • Pretty boring
  • Hard to control

Not bad

Traque is an old-style, real time role playing game for your Android phone.

If you’re old enough, you’ll remember the blocky RPGs from the days of MS-DOS. Traque is a really authentic-looking remake for your Android device that sets you as a knight who has fallen into a dungeon. You must battle monsters, find items and generally survive deep under the ground.

Traque is pretty low on options – swipe to move around the screen and discover new areas, and tap to fight monsters, carry out tasks and see your options. Double tapping your hero will display the inventory.

You’ll soon discover that the only help for Traque is online, and that there are no configuration settings.
Tapping and swiping are the keys to survival, and don’t forget to keep an eye on your energy bar – stopping will help you recover, but if it runs out, you’re dead.

Although this game sure looks authentic, only diehard nostalgic types will be able to deal with Traque’s limited entertainment value and awkward controls.



Traque 1.0.17

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